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Staff Development

If you are looking for a fun, dynamic and memorable experience your staff will love, if you are seeking a speaker or educator for a conference or synagogue event, or if you want to design a professional development program, give us a call.   Jewish learning, inspiring stories, challenging activities, and open communication coupled with smiling faces and a relaxed atmosphere are the backbone of our development programs.  Like your students, your staff deserves exciting and stimulating programming. We add memorable and educational content that will energize and enhance your event.  Let us empower your staff and give them the skills and ruach needed to work effectively with your students.

Here are some of the events OJA can help you plan, program and execute.  Contact us and we will custom create a program for you.


    ‣Staff in-services
    ‣Camping trips
    ‣Group and team building events
    ‣Speaking engagements
    ‣Nature Walks and hikes

"Josh brought his knowledge of Judaism and the environment together to create a dynamic staff training day for my religious school.  He empowered my staff to utilize Jewish concepts in the classroom and to bring in Jewish natural concepts that are helping them engage our students with exciting and meaningful programming and lesson plans."
-Amy Smyler McFarland, Director of Education at Temple Bnai Israel (Clearwater, Florida)-

"Master of the universe, grant me the ability to be alone.
May it be my custom to go outdoors each day among the trees and grass, among all growing things.
May I express everything that is in my heart, and may all the foliage of the field, all grasses, trees, and plants, awake at my coming,
to send the powers of their life into the words of my prayer."
                                                                                                                                                      -Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav

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