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We sent evaluations to the people using our Kit in the field (e.g. counselors). Here are a few of the things we heard back:


  • I feel like the nature kit helped to make nature more fun and enjoyable for not just the kids, but for us as well. It makes learning about nature and the things around us enjoyable and is an easy way to see what is going on in front of our eyes. The games were really good and the kids got into them.

      -Jackie, Camp Nature Specialist, summer 2015


  • We had a three-pronged nature program with very little prep time. This kit was essential in creating quality programming.

     -Ezra W., Director of programming, Camp Twelve Trails, Summer 2015


  • It was great to have a program that was familiar and easy to run.

     -Andrew, Camp Nature Specialist, summer 2015


  • The program "Meet-A-Tree" (A program in The Nature Kit) was used nearly everyday in our programing.

     -Madison, Camp Nature Specialist, summer 2015


  • The Nature Kit gave us variety of options of games to play with the kids.

      -Ron, Camp Nature Specialist, summer 2015


We were curious if the The Nature Kit was useful to summer programming.  We asked counselors to rate how useful the kit was in day-to-day programming at their camp.  Here is what they said:


60% of respondents said it very useful in day-to-day programming.


40% said it was useful in day-to-day programming.


We were curious if The Nature Kit was useful in camp on a daily basis.  We asked counselors.  This is what they reported back to us:


60% said they used the nature kit 1 or more times/day.


40% said they used the kit 1 or more times/week.


Get The Nature Kit at your camp and experience the difference it will make!


Click here to see a sample program in The Jewish Nature Kit

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