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"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God."
 -Anne Frank​

Camp Programs

Camp Staff Training:

Dynamic.  Fun.  Engaging.  Important.

That's what directors and counselors alike tell us about our staff trainings.  We use experiential trainings to give your staff the most practical activities  they can use with your campers.  We give them both intellectual and programmatic tools to help them to create fun and memorable programming.  If you want to train your Teva (nature) staff, specialists, or even bunk counselors to work effectively with their campers, contact us.  We have been Cornerstone Faculty for over 10 years and have worked with over 30 camps to help train their counselors. 

Teva Programming:

Teva (Nature) can empower and invigorate your camp's program offerings.  Chugs (activity periods), bunk overnights, and offsite hiking, backpacking and canoe trips will add value to your camp and will help with camper and staff retentionWe can suggest ways to change and evolve your camp culture so campers, parents and staff will want even more teva programs and programming.  Whether your camp setting is urban or rural, whether you have a strong tradition of Judaism in your camp or not, let us help you design a terrific teva program.  Contact us to find out more details.

A Jewish Camp Camping Program?

A great Jewish camping program at your camp will add new possibilities for your campers and staff.  We can help you build a top tier camping program that will help attract and retain campers and their families.  Building tents, sleeping outside and cooking food with friends is what our ancestors did 3000 years ago.  Imagine sitting around a campfire with Abraham, Moses, Sara, Rebecca and Jacob!  The campfire stories told around this fire is the epitome of Jewish wilderness and the power these tales have to change our modern campers lives is unparalleled!

Contact us and ask us how we have helped other camps add a great Jewish camping programs to their camps' offerings.

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