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Children belong in nature.  There are few venues that are more important or conducive to learning, experiencing and growing then those offered by nature.  Shacharit (morning) services come alive as the rising sun illuminates the pages of the siddur.  Creation becomes relevant when it is walked through, experienced, and explored through all our senses. Our history and ancestors become vibrant as we learn how Abraham, Yocheved and Moses were skilled outdoors people with intimate knowledge of the land and nature.  We know its not always practical to take your students outdoors, so we have made it easy for you to bring the outdoors into your classroom! 

Programs for Jewish Schools


Jewish Classroom Nature Journey

This is the perfect program to expose students to the Jewish  natural environment.  Students get to see, handle and learn about natural artifacts while learning about nature in the Torah and some of the Mitzvoth that pertain to protecting our environment.  This program is perfect for large school presentations or to expose a classroom to the power of nature. 

Jewish Nature Hike

On a Jewish nature hike we turn our awareness towards the world around us as the Shema teaches us to listen to what nature has to say.  We gain appreciation for our Jewish ancestors as we learn how they thrived in the wilderness of Israel 3000 years ago.  This program is perfect for schools that want to add an exciting outdoor element to their classroom study.

​Jewish Wilderness Shabbatons

A Jewish Camping Shabbaton is an amazing experience for students and teachers alike.  Students who cook and eat together while learning about nature return to school more focused.   They develop better interpersonal relationships with their peers which translates into better learning and a more vibrant school community.  This program is perfect for schools looking outside the box for educational and meaningful curricula that will inspire and develop their school community. 

"All that we see, the heavens, the earth, and all that fills it-these are the external garments of God."
                       -Rabbi Shneour Zalman

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